Hi! We are Instability We Trust.

We explore our future surroundings, design and build architectural solutions and tell spatial stories.

We think our urban surroundings are a constantly evolving, interacting network of highly diverse players. We aim to create dynamic environments, open for interpretation and adaptation over time, while maintaining quality, focus and adventure.

We designed a.o. the pop-up events, branding and interior for Ballroom and currently are having fun in Rotterdam with projects like the renovation of a monument, building an apartment tower along the river Maas, and designing an interior environment in the Groothandelsgebouw.

You can find a brief showcase of the things we do on our Facebook and visit our visual inspiration blog Delirious Archive

IWT is founded by Bastiaan Kalmeyer and
Chantal Schoenmakers and we love to meet inspiring people to share ideas. For more information about our design and architecture office, projects, job opportunities and internships feel free to send an email to contact@iwt.io.